Cross-border cooperation in biobased materials

Imagine you could get tobacco plants to make elastin-like proteins with the properties of spider silk.…

Pierre Gielen


Bio-based businesses want enterprising professionals

The future success of the bio-based industry depends on the availability of highly educated professionals, in…

Editorial office


Zoomland viaduct: bio-based showcase across the motorway

Field voles, pine martens and foxes already know where the Zoomland viaduct is. The Brabant Landscape…

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Space for innovations in green chemistry

The north of the Netherlands is the perfect place for working on green chemistry, thanks to…

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‘There must be benefits for primary producers as well’

Ireland has a long and strong history of bio-based production and processing. The agrifood industry provides…

Pierre Gielen


Fryslân gets a 66 metre-long moveable bicycle bridge made from biocomposite

The existing moveable traffic bridge over the Van Harinxma Canal at Ritsumasyl, consisting of a steel…

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‘Nobody can imagine what fully circular means’

Circular is very trendy. The Circular Economy and Bio-Based Economy were once abstract concepts, but these…

Pierre Gielen


BIC presents overview of financial instruments

The Bio-Based Industries Consortium recently published a comprehensive overview of financial instruments, a practical guide for…


‘Overarching vision on the bio-economy needed’

‘The authorities in Ireland tend to listen much better to industry and science. Contacts are acted…


Market for specific applications

The Netherlands has more than 35,000 kilometres of cycle paths, with enormous stretches of asphalt crisscrossing…


An eye to the future

The Biobased Delta recently published its 2018–2020 long-term plan. This plan mainly looks to the future.…


BBI JU: private sector is stepping up

In terms of industrial deployment, Europe has made significant strides in the bio-based economy, according to…


Underground value key issue

The ‘state’ of the soil is an absolute prerequisite for a flourishing bio economy. Unfortunately it…


More sustainable yarns for carpet and textile

The textile and carpet sector wants to become more sustainable in the coming years through increased…


Joint forces needed

'The PEFerence-project is of great importance to us. We are in the process of opening up…


Pretreatment as essential intermediate step

‘We are concentrating at Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo initially on healthy and safe food, including residual…



Circl, the Circular Pavilion about which you can read extensively in this edition, was opened with…


Gaining a foothold

Home care is a market in which renewable raw materials are establishing an increasingly firmer foothold…


Master of Biobased Materials: passion and drive

The first class of the Master of Biobased Materials graduated in mid-July. At the festive ceremony…


The need for a uniform ‘yardstick’

The sustainable character of the biobased economy tends not to receive enough attention. Biomass is always…

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